Burglary Repairs

Burglary Repairs

Have you been burgled and need to get you locks and other repairs done fast! PM Locksmith care about your safety.   We are available 24/7 for any burglary repair emergency.

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Burglary Repairs

PM Locksmiths offer a full package on burglary repairs.  Not only can we change your locks, but we can put up temporary boarding on windows and doors to make your property safe fast.  While we are on site we will take measurements of any damaged doors and windows and come back and replace them at a convenient time for you making your property completely safe and secure once more!

Here is a checklist of services we can offer for burglary repairs –

  • Temporarily board up broken windows and doors
  • Change any locks there and then
  • If needed supply extra keys for the new locks there and then
  • Give you a free no obligation quote for more permanent repairs (like door changes etc) - you could then pass this onto your insurance company if needed
  • Take full measurements while of site boarding up for the longer term repairs (maybe a new door etc)
  • If the insurance company approves quote and at a time convenient to you we can come back and fit any needed new doors and windows.

24 Hour Burglary Repairs Essex

24hr Burglary Repairs

PM Locksmiths operate throughout Essex 24/7 all year round.
If you need a burglary repairs carried out fast, one of our professional locksmiths can usually be with you within 30 minutes.

If you have been burgled we feel for you, it makes one feel violated and scared.  We have put together a checklist of things you need to do –

  • First and foremost try and stay calm, you can handle this just take a deep breath and follow these steps.  First remember it is a crime scene so try not to do anything, if you can come out of the property to make some calls.
  • Next contact the police remember the police may need to come and take fingerprints and collect DNA depending on the severity of the break in.  Ask the police about securing the property and the next steps,
  • If you do not own the property then you will need to let the person who does own it know and discuss with them the next steps.
  • Once you have authority from the police you can call an emergency locksmith/ burglary repair company – keep all receipts/invoices for any repairs you have safe as you will need them for the insurance company.
  • Again once check with the police when you can assess what has been stolen,  and then contact you insurance company.
  • Get the locksmith/burglary company to secure your property, this will mean changing the locks, temporary boarding  doors and windows that have been damaged.
  • Once the property has been secured longer term repairs can take place, perhaps a window needs repairing or a door replaced.
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In Essex alone there are approximately 1000 burglaries a month you can see the latest figures on the police website by clicking here.


Burglary Repairs

If you have been burgled, we understand how upsetting this can be and how you need to feel safe as fast as possible. PM locksmiths are a 24 hour emergency locksmiths, we not only change all your locks we can offer a full repair and feel safe service. This includes boarding up any damaged doors or windows while we sort out a new door or window, which we aim to have done fast.
PM locksmiths care about you if you need burglary repairs call us now

Here is a great video we found for you on making your house safe.

If you have been burgled call us at PM locksmiths we can help with all your burglary repairs.

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I wanted to thank the guys from PM Locksmiths, I have managed to lock myself out twice in a year.  Both times they saved the day without having to change the locks - thanks

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