Cylinder Rim Locks

Cylinder Rim Locks

PM Locksmiths know all there is about Cylinder Rim Locks (Sometimes referred to as Yale locks)  If you need a new Cylinder Rim Locks or just some advice on them give us a call at PM Locksmiths.

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Cylinder Rim Locks

A cylinder rim lock is commonly known as a yale lock.  They are usually fitted to a wooden door and before 5 lever mortice locks where one of the most common types of lock.

Cylinder rim locks are not as secure as a 5 lever mortice lock, they open with a key from the outside but on the inside you do not need a key to open them.

There are many types of cylinder rim lock but at PM Locksmiths we recommend getting one that is anti drill, anti pick and anti bump making it more secure.

Cylinder rim locks are usually cheaper then 5 lever mortice locks, and it can be quick and easy to just change the cylinder if a change of lock is required.  Making them one of the cheaper locks on the market.

If you have a cylinder rim lock on the front or back door we would recommend changing it to a 5 lever mortice lock, in fact your insurance company may well insist on this.  Also your garage door might need to be updated.

At PM Locksmiths we only recommend cylinder rim lock for internal use, however, as we are client focused and if our customer wants one fitted to an external door and they are OK with the risk we will of course fit one.

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I wanted to thank the guys from PM Locksmiths, I have managed to lock myself out twice in a year.  Both times they saved the day without having to change the locks - thanks

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