Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro Cylinder lock

This lock is fitted to most UPVC and composite doors, and can also be fitted to wooden doors.  Call PM locksmiths if you need a replacement Euro Cylinder lock,

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Euro Cylinder lock

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro Cylinder Locks are typically much more secure than a standard lock.  They are available in a star system with one star being the least safe and 3 stars being the safest.

The higher the stars the higher the quality and security of the lock making it harder for burglars to pick the lock, thus protecting your home from potential robberies.

Having Euro Cylinder locks fitted may also reduce your insurance costs as they are very safe.

It is possible just to change the cylinder when needing to replace the keys, this saves money as the whole mechanism is left in place.

Euro Cylinder Lock have another big advantage in that in a building that has lots of locked rooms (hotel, offices HMOs etc) the master key system can be implemented.

For example lets take a HMO (house of multiple occupancy) Each tenant will want a unique key to their private room.  (This key will be called the change key).  The building owner can have a second key, this is the master key and it gives the ability to the building manager or owner to open all private rooms in the HMO.  Great for offices, hotels etc

Euro Cylinder lock
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