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Have you got your keys stuck in the lock, don’t worry we can help.  We are available 24/7 for any locksmith emergency.  If you need someone fast call us

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24 Hour Key Extraction Essex

24 Hour Key Extraction Service

Have you ever got home from work desperate to get your feet up with a nice cup of tea when you go to unlock the door the key snaps leaving you in the cold locked out and alone or you get to work in the morning ready to open up and do business when the key sears in two in the lock and there is nothing you can do about it.

Don’t worry call us at PM locksmiths we are experts in key extractions.  We carry a raft of tools in our locksmith vans to enable us to look at many different options to extract the key.

All our locksmith are qualified and are db checked,  they are also fully insured.

PM Locksmiths try and get to you within 30 minutes of the call to us.  Making sure you are into your property or business fast.

If you have a problem with a key breaking in an lock then give us a call we will be with you in a jiffy!  We will extract the key that is stuck in your lock and let you get on with your day.

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Keys break in locks for several reasons, maybe the lock has become stiff if this is the case before your key breaks in the lock spray some WD40 in the lock and turn the key back and forth.  This will make the key easier to turn (make sure you wipe the door afterwards)

Of course maybe the key has just become weak over time and just needs to be replaced.  If you notice this get another key cut before it breaks in the lock.

We are PM Locksmiths are experts in key extraction if you have an issue give us a call.

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I wanted to thank the guys from PM Locksmiths, I have managed to lock myself out twice in a year.  Both times they saved the day without having to change the locks - thanks

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