Mortice Locks

Mortice Locks

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Mortice Locks

We love this video from Aviva it made us laugh, locks can be complicated and how many times have we all been asked one of those complicated questions from the insurance company!

Mortice Locks

Many insurance companies insist that external doors into the property are fitted with a five leaver mortice lock – conforming to (British Standard BS3621:2004)

These locks are embedded into the door and can only be opened with a key, so if you pop out of the door for 1 minute remember to leave the door ajar or take a key because once it shuts it is locked, then you will need to call us to get you in! as you will be locked out.

You can also dead lock the door, that is where you shut the door and actually lock it with a key.  If you do this and your inside you have to use the key to get out.
This has a few benefits, if a burglar breaks in thorough a window they cannot take the haul of stolen property out the door as it is locked and they will need a key to get out!

There are several variations of mortice locks, they are available in 2,3, 5 or 7 levers.  The more levers in the lock the harder the lock is to pick.  So if you get a 7 lever lock it is much safer then a 2 lever lock.

The Government recommended that all external doors are fitted with a minimum of a 5 lever mechanism, and conforms to British Standard BS3621:2004   (You can tell it conforms if there is a kite mark on the lock)

We concur with the Government and suggest that if your locks do not currently conform then you should get them changed.  Call us a PM Locksmiths if you would like a quote to get your locks updated.

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I wanted to thank the guys from PM Locksmiths, I have managed to lock myself out twice in a year.  Both times they saved the day without having to change the locks - thanks

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